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TalentViet is a HR Company specializing in Recruitment, Payroll and Outsourcing Services for multinational customers such as: Manufacturing, FMCG, Trading, Pharmaceutical.

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TalentViet Headhunters

    • Trang Nguyen's picture

      Trang Nguyen

      Specialized in: FMCG - Household / Personal Care, Food/Beverage/Dairy, Headhunting & HR Services
      Location: Ho Chi Minh
    • Hong Nguyen's picture

      Hong Nguyen

      Specialized in: Industrial/Consumer Manufacturing, Human Resources, Management, Accounting/Auditing, Sales
      Location: Ho Chi Minh

Why TalentViet?


TalentViet Headhunters' greatest strength is our team of dedicated, highly professional specialists.

Our service is focused on the following industries:   
·  Manufacturing
·  FMCG, Healthcare
Pharmaceuticals, Medical
                                                        ·  Trading, Financial, Banking, Insurance Services


We can help you to implement effective payroll management procedures quickly and conveniently by:
·  Registering employees for social, health and accident insurance
·  Preparing labor contracts
·  Filing employee expenses reports (monthly/quarterly)


TalentViet's services will help you to:
·  Reduce your recruitment workload, and meet your personnel demands quickly and precisely
·  Minimize your expenses and solve business pressures issues
·  Remove legal and dispute liability

Let TalentViet support you. We can customize a premium human resources services package for your company that will exceed your expectations.

Mr. Le Ngoc Minh
HR/Admin Manager

"The Lunar New Year 2013 is here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank TalentViet for your cooperation with our company. I highly appreciate your professional service because you always consistently listen to the customers’ requirement and quickly find out the best solutions. Especially the way you respond to customer’s demand in term of urgent recruitment.

You are not only provide the fast research but also supply the abundant qualified candidates. Such qualification enable to us successfully recruited the key vacancies such as: Commercial Manager; Engineering Manager; Accounting Manager; Chief Accountant, all of them are performing well in their position and make the important contributions to our business.

I’m happy with your trustable cooperation and thanks again for your great support. I do believe and wish you a great success in the years to come."

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